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Overseas Layout  

As a supply chain investment and operation service provider, XIAMEN XIANGYU CO., LTD. keeps its eye on the global market, integrates global resources and builds global presence with an international perspective. Since its establishment in 2008, XMXYG CO., LTD.’s scope of business has been extended to dozens of countries and regions such as Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, etc. It has also built offices and presence in key countries and regions such as Hong Kong, the United States, Singapore, Indonesia, etc. It has developed overseas branches into investment and financing platforms, business development and management platforms, resources and information integration platforms to serve the company’s global strategy. In the future, XMXYG CO., LTD. will continue to integrate into the global market and have a greater say in supply chain management and logistics services.

Brief Introduction of Overseas Subsidiaries

HONG KONG TOPWAY TRADING CO., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of XMXYG CO., LTD., was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1995. It specializes in providing supply chain management and logistics services for the import and export of bulk raw and auxiliary materials and finished products. Its main products include metal minerals, agricultural and sideline products, forest products, energy and chemical products, etc.

As the XMXYG CO., LTD.’s earliest overseas platform, TOPWAY TRADING has obtained rich experience in overseas market development. In terms of overseas financing, we have established cooperative relations with more than 10 Chinese and foreign banks in Hong Kong, Macao and other regions and have obtained credit lines of more than USD 1 billion. In terms of business development, TOPWAY TRADING has implemented XMXYG CO., LTD.’s key overseas development strategy and has successively set up a number of overseas subsidiaries in New Zealand, Singapore and other countries. In the future, the company will further build an internationalized, industrialized and platform-based business pattern around the countries along the “Belt and Road”, strengthen its capital operation capability, and speed up the transformation of XMXYG CO., LTD.’s supply chain business.


SILVAN FOREST LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of XMXYG SUPERCHAIN ,which is a subsidiary of XMXYG CO., LTD., was incorporated in Washington State of the U.S. in July 2011. It specializes in supply chain management and logistics services of forest products, mainly including Douglas fir, hemlock, spruce, cypress, alder, red cedar, ponderosa pine and southern pine.

Through long-term cooperation with large log suppliers in the United States, XMXYG SILVAN has developed into the largest log exporter in the Chinese market in the Coos Bay region, ranking fourth on the west coast of the United States at its peak. In addition, XMXYG SILVAN has also actively expanded its business in other ports in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. Up to now, the company has been running the bulk export of log in five ports and has diversified supply channels.


SC RAKAU GROUP LIMITED, a wholly owned subsidiary of XMXYG CO., LTD., was incorporated in New Zealand in September 2013. The company is committed to building a long-term and stable supply chain of forest products by acquiring, investing and managing overseas forest resources, setting up core distribution centers, and providing high-quality and stable value-added services for every link of the chain.

At present, XMXYG SC RAKAU has invested in nearly 5,000 hectares of forest farms in New Zealand and shipped its own goods from several New Zealand ports. Relying on the self-owned professional international trade platform and integrated logistics platform in China, the company has been further expanding its business scope in New Zealand, actively promoting cooperation with local forestry companies, focusing on working with ports with high throughput, identifying opportunities for the acquisition of forest farms in surrounding areas, and steadily building the company’s forest farm reserves.


XIANGYU (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of XMXYG CO., LTD., was established on March 27, 2017. it mainly deals in oil products and rapidly develop the trade business of iron ore, chemical and non-ferrous metal products.

XIANGYU (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD., as a key overseas subsidiary of XMXYG CO., LTD. in its Fifth Five-Year Plan, has gradually expanded its international business in Singapore and its surrounding areas, including the re-export and import of crude oil, mixed aromatics, light cycle oil and iron ore aa well as customs declaration. It has developed certain resource-based advantages and public acclaim in the regional market. Meanwhile, XMXYG (SINGAPORE) has established credit partnership with many Singapore-based banks, further expanding bank financing channels and providing a strong guarantee for the healthy development of XMXYG CO., LTD.’s overseas business.


GOLDEN BRICKS SHIPPING PTE. LTD. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of XMXYG Superchain, which is a subsidiary of XMXYG CO., LTD. It’s incorporated in Singapore in May 2017 and specializes in international chartering for bulk cargo, engineering equipment and finished steel products. As a professional overseas chartering platform, the company responds to the “Belt and Road” Initiative by getting access to Indonesia's top-quality shipping lines and operating bulk cargo ships. In the future, the company will build business on mature routes leading to countries and regions such as India, Pakistan, the United States and Europe and create more excellent shipping lines.


PT SUPPLY CHAIN, a 60% holding subsidiary of XMXYG Superchain, which is a subsidiary of XMXYG CO., LTD. was incorporated in Jakarta, Indonesia, in March 2019. PT SUPPLY CHAIN specializes in import clearance, port operations, warehousing, domestic multimodal transport and import and export international logistics services in Indonesia.

PT SUPPLY CHAIN has extended and developed the logistics services involving Indonesia’s local import clearance, inland transshipment and re-export of finished products on the basis of the original international shipping cooperation. Now it has stable customers and has established strategic partnership with many local well-known logistics enterprises, which can provide one-stop third-party logistics services for enterprises with needs for logistics in Indonesia.

Highlights of Overseas Business Development
In March 2019, PT SUPER SUPPLY CHAIN was incorporated in Jakarta, Indonesia.
In 2018, XIANGYU (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. introduced a senior oil trade team to establish partnership with large international oil companies.
In May 2018, SC RAKAU GROUP LIMITED completed the felling of Makarau Forest Farm.
In January 2018, SILVAN FOREST LLC moved to California and its current office is located in San Ramon, California.
In May 2017, HONG KONG TOPWAY TRADING CO., LTD. was established and responded positively to the national “Belt and Road” Initiative and the strategy of business going global.
In May 2017, GOLDEN BRICKS SHIPPING PTE. LTD. was incorporated in Singapore.
In May 2017, SC RAKAU GROUP LIMITED acquired Lismore Forest Farm in New Zealand.
In March 2017, HONG KONG TOPWAY TRADING CO., LTD. invested USD 10 million to establish XIANGYU (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD.
In December 2016, SC RAKAU GROUP LIMITED acquired Makarau Forest Farm.
In November 2016, UFG, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SC RAKAU GROUP LIMITED, acquired Fernhill, Levack and Reikorangi forest farms.
In November 2014, SILVAN FOREST LLC cooperated with K2 export LLC to operate K2 Port in Coos Bay Area. In 2016, XMXYG SILVAN ranked fourth among U.S. West Coast log exporters.
In October 2014, XIAMEN XIANGYU SUPERCHAIN SUPPLY CHAIN DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. invested in XMXYG SILVAN and became the controlling shareholder.
In September 2013, SC RAKAU GROUP LIMITED was incorporated in New Zealand.
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