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Our integrated logistics service is predicated on a nationwide logistics network system with Xiamen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Tianjin, Tangshan and other port cities as its centers. We provide logistics service for the supply chain management of XMXYG CO., LTD. internally and also provide integrated logistics service featuring international procurement and distribution, international multimodal transport, domestic door-to-door delivery service and logistics finance for many enterprises. We are an outstanding Chinese logistics enterprise, a demonstration enterprise in national warehousing transformation and upgrading program, a top 50 Chinese logistics enterprise and a 5A Chinese logistics enterprise.


International Procurement and Distribution


Through the integration of resources in warehousing, transportation, freight forwarding, customs declaration and other aspects at major ports, we provide customers with services such as international procurement and freight consolidation services, international delivery, international re-export logistics services, supplier inventory management, bonded day tour, manual management and other services.


International Multimodal Transport

Using our service outlets at major ports along China’s coast and our overseas agency network covering major European and American countries and regions, we are cooperating with many shipping companies and airlines to provide customers with door-to-door sea-land combined transportation, sea-air combined transportation, land-air combined transportation and other supporting logistics services such as warehousing, customs declaration and storage at various links of logistics.


Domestic Door-to-door Delivery Service

We use our service outlets at major ports along the coast of China to provide customers with door-to-door delivery service through the integration of coastal collection and bulk shipping resources, warehousing resources, and road and railway transportation resources.


Logistics Finance Service

Using our logistics facilities network to connect the raw material bulk purchasing platform and the integrated logistics service platform, we keep an eye on the capital and logistics needs of customers in all links of the supply chain and are committed to providing customers with financial logistics services such as pledge financing and confirmed financing.

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